Weekend Snapshots 49

I'm getting oh so close to being caught up with my Weekend Snapshots!!!  Yay!!!  Things have been so crazy since October and now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Although just because TRF is over doesn't mean I wasn't incredibly busin in December.  Remember to show some love to my Snapshots inspiration, Ariana at 3TwentySix and be sure to look for our new Snapshots linkup format for 2017.  This week's edition of Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by Astronaut Jack at Space Center Houston!

Saturday:  I was supposed to participate in the last run of the Run Houston Run Series for 2016, but the race had filled up before I could register (and the race schedule would've prevented me from getting to the theatre on time), so I chose to participate virtually.  I woke up super early, and went to my usual jogging trail to get in my last 5K for the year.  It was cool and rainy and perfect for running.  My time wasn't my best or my worst for the year, and considering I hadn't run other than on a treadmill in months, I'm super happy with my time.  I had to go straight from running to the theatre for our opening performance of The Velveteen Rabbit.  Dennis brought Jack to see the show and everything went really well.  They stayed during the second performance (and played on the playground), so we all left the theatre at the same time and ran some errands.  It was some nice family time.

Sunday:  Dennis played Dungeons and Dragons with our friends, so Jack and I ran errands with our friend, Jenny, who we haven't seen in forever.  We went to Ikea where I introduced her to the awesomeness that is the meatballs at Ikea.  Jenny bought Jack his choice of toys and he picked this adorable stuffed kitten that he named Lollypop.  He's taken Lollypop everywhere with him since we got her.  After running errands, Dennis was done playing Dungeons and Dragons and we were close to Space Center Houston, so we spent a couple of hours at NASA.

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