3 Words for 2017

The new year brings with it 365 new days, and 365 new chances.  I've been thinking about last year and how I want to make 2017 even better.  Last year, I chose three words to help me define my year - focus, structure, and discipline.  I certainly needed those three things in my life (especially suffering from untreated ADHD), and still do.  In fact, if I'm truly honest, I greatly lacked all three of those things in 2016.  I had good intentions, but, well, ADHD.

This year I'm struggling to come up with three good words for the year*.  Why three?  I'm not sure (three seems to be a nice grouping, plus it's a Fibonacci number), but I' think I've figured them out.  And unlike last year (where I came up with three great words, and then promptly put them on the back burner - classic Jessica move right there), I'm going to make them my mantra and actually remember and (hopefully) apply them to my life!!!

Determination  At the beginning of last year, I felt kinda stuck.  I wanted to break out of the patterns of bad habits I've fallen into, but I wasn't sure exactly how to do that (maybe that's why I'm still kinda stuck in them, lol).  Although I came up with three stellar words last year, I did that as a response to feeling like I HAD to do something instead of being inspired to do something.  Facing down the failure in myself to really affect change in 2016, I'm feeling less lost and depressed about it and more aware of my shortcomings, how to overcome them, and a feeling of determination to do so.  2016 wasn't a bad year for me personally, but I am determined to make 2017 a good (if not great) year.  I will be full of determination this year.

Simplify  It's finally dawning on me that if I simplify my life and my surroundings I'm going to have much greater chance at success.  I was daydreaming about some of the things I'd like to do in 2017 and the realization settled on me that one of the things holding me back from being able to just tackle a project is the fact that instead of just being able to start a project, the preparation necessary to even get started is so overwhelming that I'm exhausted and out of time just getting my space ready to work instead of doing the work.  Did that make sense?  Let me rephrase that - in order to get any real work done, I'm having to spend so much time just decluttering and making space that I'm not actually accomplishing the real work.  I'm certainly not a minimalist, and I'm not quite a hoarder, but I'm going to try to eliminate the unnecessary crap from my life this year and just let that shit go.

Bravery  Changes are really fucking scary - even changes for the good.  I resist change - it's in my nature to want to maintain the status quo even if it's not good for me.  I'm going to need to dig deep and be really brave this year in order to face down my demons and bitch slap them into submission.  I also think the political mess this country is in will also require a ton of bravery to stand up and do the right thing.  In 2017 (and beyond), I want to stand up and do the right thing.

I have 365 days to really make something of 2017.  And so do you.  What changes are you planning on making this year?  Do you have a word, words, or phrase to inspire and motivate you?  What do you want from 2017?

*I keep falling into a pit of corporate jargon because I'm trying too hard to find the right words.  Dynamic, compelling, synergy, leverage, robust, efficient - ahhhh, what is this madness?!?

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