Sunday Confessions 01-08-17

I confess:  I decided I wanted to learn more about Buddhism this year so I signed up for a Buddhism 101 class at the Jade Buddha Temple.  I'm not really religious or anything, but from what I do know of Buddhism, it seems to most closely align with what I already think to be true.  And I'd rather Jack learn about a gentle religion than all the fire and brimstone and fear of most Western/Abrahamic religions.  My MIL is pretty religious (in a gentle way, but still), and I guess I want to expose Jack to something else before her beliefs seep into his consciousness.

I confess:  I've never seen the Golden Globes.  I ALWAYS watch the Academy Awards, but for some reason have never watched the GGs.  I haven't even listened to Meryl Streep's speech (but I'm sure I agree with what she said - except for apparently calling out football and martial arts?).

I confess:  I had what I thought was a great idea to bring in some extra money with my business, but Dennis had some concerns and he convinced me that the payout wouldn't be worth the effort and trouble.  I don't disagree with him, but I really wish he was wrong.  Now I have to go back to the drawing board and figure something else, because I need to be bringing in more money, stat.

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