Sunday Confessions 01-15-17

I confess:  I never sucked my thumb as a child, but for some reason, lately I'll occasionally have the urge to suck my thumb.  Like for half a second the urge (not even a real thought, just an urge) will come over me and I'll consider doing it.  I don't do it, but it's really weird and disconcerting.

I confess:  I was supposed to write this post yesterday, but I chose to take a nap instead.  It's the first time I've slept during the day in years and it was glorious.  I should make it a thing.

I confess:  I've been on a Whole30-ish diet since the beginning of the year.  I say -ish because I've allowed myself the caveat of having a small amount of sugar and milk in my morning coffee because I'd 100% not be able to do another Whole30 if I had to drink disgusting coffee.  Well, I cheated on my diet like a mofo this weekend.  I don't feel too back about it because I planned on cheating, but like most things I like to go big or go home and I REALLY CHEATED.  Now I have to go back on the diet and I hope I can, lol.

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