Sunday Confessions 01-22-17 Prove Me Wrong

I confess:  I've been feeling really politically charged lately.  I've been posting things on my personal FB expressing all the many things I'm feeling about the inauguration of Darth Cheeto and how I feel about many conservative viewpoints.  I have friends from all walks of life, and while I haven't gotten  much pushback from those who don't share my political views, one friend who is very conservative has posted on their personal FB that they feel attacked by people like me posting the things I'm posting.  I understand where they are coming from and my intention isn't to hurt anyone but I'm a bit annoyed that they're taking everything so personally and basically asking people like me with my feelings to not post things that could hurt the feelings of people like them.  I kinda want them to suck it up - I know that that person is a good person and that not all of the more negative things I post apply to them - but I strongly feel like those people who voted for Cheeto kinda have the burden of proof on their shoulders to prove me and people like me wrong.  After all, they put a misogynistic, xenophobic, racist, ignorant, sexual predator into the highest office of our nation.  They said those values are okay with them - or at least acceptable enough to overlook in hopes of what I don't really know.  Not to mention the conservative law makers they voted for that seem to consistently vote against the interest of the people and in favor of the 1%.  So I say to you, prove me wrong.  You don't agree with the ACA but claim you don't want to rob people of their health insurance, then write to your congress people and tell them not to repeal until they actually have a replacement.  You say you think Cheeto's actions towards women isn't acceptable?  Donate to a women's shelter in his name.  You say you're anti-abortion, then support actual sexual education in schools and easy access to birth control and condoms.  You say education is important to you, then demand DeVos be kept out of our education, and even if you are religious, recognize the need to keep the Bible out of science.  You say you aren't racist, then prove it by donating to the Southern Poverty Law Center or Black Lives Matter (and for the love of everything stop saying All Lives Matter).  Please educate yourselves about so-called "bathroom bills" and don't buy into the propaganda against them - there are already many laws on the books to protect you in the bathroom from predators and perverts - trans people just want to pee, leave them alone.  You say we all need to come together, but I say you have a little more work to do than I do to get us there.  Prove to me and others like me that you're not like what you think we think you're like.  We don't have to agree politically, but prove me wrong.  Please.

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