Weekend Snapshots 02

This edition of Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by the one weekend of Winter we've gotten in Houston.  As I'm writing this, our projected high today is 76, so yeah, the one weekend is all we seem to get at a time :(  At least I got a little sample of the weather I love, right?

Saturday:  I only took one photo on Saturday - I was too busy to even think about pictures.  I had to capture the temperature when I woke up since it's so unusual in Houston.   In the morning I had my first Intro to Buddhism class at the Jade Buddha Temple - I didn't have anyone to watch Jack and Dennis was working, so I had to bring him along with me.  I was super worried that he wasn't going to behave well for a 90 minute adult class on Buddhism, but he did really well.  There's a Hindu Temple near my SIL's house, and Dennis told him that's where gods live.  When I told Jack that we were going to a Buddhist Temple, he asked if that's where gods lived and I told him just the one, Buddha.  When we got there he kept asking when we were going to meet Buddha - I guess the thought we were actually going to meet a physical being, lol.  I didn't take any pics of the temple because I wasn't sure what was appropriate.  After the class, I had to drop Jack with my MIL so I could go work, then back to pick him up, then home, then dinner, then the day was over.

Sunday:  I decided that Jack and I needed a lazy pajama day on Sunday.  We slept in, watched The Secret Life of Pets {affiliate} on repeat, and did a few chores.  It's the first day in a loooooong time that we didn't even leave the house.  It was fun staying home and just hanging out with Jack (poor Dennis had to work).  Jack had fun using the melon baller on half a cantaloupe, and as you can see, my morning hair is on point.

And that's it for our mega low key weekend.  Make sure to link up with me and Ariana at 3twentysix for our 2017 Mega Weekend Snapshots Linky!!!  It's open all year long, so add your posts whenever you can and watch the link-up grow!

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