Weekend Snapshots 03 - ABB 5K and Chevron Houston Marathon

This weekend was all about running!  The Chevron Houston Marathon, Aramco Half Marathon, and ABB 5K were held this past weekend, and I love all things running, so this weekend was the bee's knees!  This edition of Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by the family selfie I took when Dennis and Jack came out to cheer me on when I ran the ABB 5K - I was super grateful to get to run in the ABB 5K - one of my longest client's gifted me entry into the run for my Christmas present.  Make sure to check out the other links in our 2017 Weekend Snapshots Mega Link-Up run by yours truly and Ariana at 3twentysix, and add your link whenever you can cause this link-up lasts all year long, baby!

Saturday:  Up early and downtown for the ABB 5K.  We only live a few minutes from downtown, but I was worried about parking, so I left home like waaaaaaay earlier than I needed to.  I made the mistake of paying to park in a surface lot instead of on the street because I was 100% sure parking was going to be cray-cray.  Nope.  As I was walking, blocks mind you, to the start line there were spots as far as the eye could see - but I'd already paid, so I was committed to the lot. It was really foggy that morning and the buildings around Discovery Green could barely be seen.  I got there before sunrise and was one of the few people there that early - I walked around trying to stay warm an got to enjoy the glowing flower art installation since it was still dark.  I don't normally make Dennis and Jack spectate my runs because it's difficult to get the there early in the morning, but this one was close to the house and started at 8, so I had them come cheer for me.  I met up with my friend, Lindsey, at the finish line, but didn't find any of my other friends in the crowd.  After the run, I had to rush to my Buddhism 101 class, then I met up with Dennis, Jack, Ariana, and Jihane for some pie at House of Pies - my totally planned for mega-diet-cheat day.

Sunday:  Marathon Day!!!  I dragged Jack out of bed super early ("Mommy, it not morning time, it still night time.  I go back sleep.") to get a good spot along the route to spectate.  I have several friends and clients who run the half and full marathon and I love to go out and cheer them on.  I always make sure to get there early enough to see the elite runners go by.  I bought some donut holes to hand out, but nobody wanted any this year.  The weather was dismal - extremely hot for a marathon day, so I guess nobody wanted sugary carbs in their bellies.  After seeing most people go by at our first spot, we brought donuts to Dennis, and then Jack convinced me to go downtown to the finish line.  We got caught in some rain, but Jack didn't mind - he took advantage of splashing in the mud and catching raindrops.  We both went home and took naps - it was glorious!

And that's what we were up to this weekend.  What were you up to?  We'd love for you to share your Weekend Snapshots with us in our Mega Link-Up!!!  So whenever you write one, come here and add your link and watch the linky grow!  Have a great week!!!

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