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The Houston Auto Show is this weekend at NRG Center, and despite what you might think, car shows aren't just for gearheads.  I was lucky enough to go to last year's auto show and was invited back this year by She Buys Cars.  One thing I learned last year is that auto shows are a must see event for anyone who drives a car.  I even found my dream car there last year, and though a lucky turn of events, was actually able to buy my dream car last year.  So if you drive a car, ride in a car, are planning on buying a car, or have ever seen a car, head on over to the NRG Center and behold the offerings of this year's Houston Auto Show!  Get your tickets here!

April 5-9, 2017
Wednesday-Friday:   Noon - 9pm
Saturday:  10am - 9:30pm
Sunday:  10am - 7pm

Preview Gala

I was able to attend the Preview Gala the evening before the show opened to the public - it was a really swanky event where we got to check out all the cars before anyone else.  Scotty Reiss, from She Buys Cars, gave us a tour of the show, and dropped some serious knowledge about all the different manufacturers.  Some of it went over my head, but I did manage to hold onto a tidbit or two,  Did you know that the head designer for Kia used to work for Audi and that's why Kia's look so damn fine?  I didn't, either! #themoreyouknow

One of my favorite features of the Auto Show is the Camp Jeep all terrain obstacle course you can ride on - it's kinda like a performance roller coaster for vehicles.  Amanda, Eric, Leslie and I went for a ride - you can barely see them in the back seat because my pale complexion hogged all the flash, lol.

Auto Show

One of the things I love most about auto shows is that there's no other way to explore so many different different cars at one time with the added bonus of not having a salesperson breathing down your neck.  All the major manufacturers are there, with most to all of the vehicles they offer.  You can sit in almost all the models, push the buttons (come on, we all love pushing buttons), look in the trunk, examine the engine (if that's your thing), and even test drive some models, all without having a salesperson trying to close the deal.  Imagine how long that would take you if you went from dealership to dealership.  I wasn't even in the market for a new vehicle when I attended last year, but because I test drove a Toyota Tacoma (and spent a good amount of time hugging the Marty McFlymobile), when Dennis and I were in a position where we had to buy a new car, we decided on a 2008 Tacoma.

The colors of the day seemed to be grello, blue, white,and grey.  I realized I didn't take as many photos as I thought I did because I'm a red and black kinda girl, you can keep your blue anything, lol.  I did enjoy the neon grello, though.  I also noticed many cars came in matte, or matte accents and I'm really loving that trend.

Mazda gave us cookies!

After the press conferences, we got to test drive the new Toyota Rav4 Hybrid and the newest Prius.  Loved them both.  I also love that hybrids are now available in larger, SUV class vehicles.  I'm not much of a sedan/coupe kinda girl.  One thing I noticed this year is that more manufacturers are offering hybrids or outright electric vehicles.  Or at least putting more emphasis on the technology #thefutureisnow.  Electric vehicles are crazy quiet and I think they should all come with an option to make the sound of the flying cars from The Jetsons while you're driving them.  Who's with me?

We also got to see some prototype vehicles that aren't yet on the market.  Toyota is coming out with a new SUV (that I forgot to get the name of - bad, Jessica, bad!!!).  Ford has a lot of new updates to its Excursion - it's practically a rolling city.  I found my new weekend car, the Toyota 86 - so sporty! I'm also loving the martini glass lights on the new Prius!  Yeah, baby!

What's your dream car?  Have you ever been to an auto show?  What did you think?

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