My Freeloader Experience

One of the things I really miss about Jack getting bigger is not being able to wear him in a wrap or carrier when out and about.  I really enjoyed the ease of navigating life without having to push a stroller around or worrying about a curious toddler wondering off.  I was super delighted when I found out about the Freeloader Child Carrier - it’s specially designed for bigger kids (25-80 pounds) and perfect for daily use and especially useful when on vacation or urban exploring.  I was lucky enough to receive a Freeloader to test out in exchange for an honest review on the product (this is a sponsored post, yo!) and let me tell you, this carrier is amazing!!!

In all honesty, Dennis has carried Jack around in the Freeloader much more than I have - we took a weekend trip to Nashville right after our Freeloader arrived and it was so much easier to walk around the city at our adult stride than it would’ve been at Jack’s shorter, slower stride.  Plus, Jack still wants to be carried all-the-time, and it’s much easier to just strap him to our backs than it is to carry him in our arms, both in terms of how tired it makes us and how much easier it is to have our hands free for, well, anything else.

The Freeloader’s construction is brilliant - it’s basically a high-tech backpack with a fold down seat for a kiddo on the back along with all kinds of safety and support straps.  It has a zippered compartment if you need to put something small and not bulky in it and it has fanny pack like pouches on either size for wallet or cell phone sized items, so there’s really no need to carry an additional bag along with the Freeloader.  The seat also folds up and out of the way, so if your kiddo wants to get down and walk, the seat isn’t sticking out, waiting to run into things/people.  The design is really well thought out.

Jack seemed to enjoy riding around on Den’s back, and he even pretended to carry Den around later, lol.  He didn’t want to get out and walk much (thankfully), but even when he did, the Freeloader isn’t very heavy on it’s own.  Jack liked directing Dennis where to go and kept saying, “Giddy up, Daddy!!!”  I also think he enjoyed seeing the sights from a higher vantage point and was in the perfect position to hold hands with my Mom.

Overall, we have had a great experience so far with our Freeloader.  It made our trip much easier and enjoyable.  The carrier is comfortable for both me and Dennis and for Jack to ride on.  THe construction is well thought out and very sturdy, and I like the company (and you know I like to support good companies).  Jack is pretty lightweight for his age, so I’m sure we’ll get years and years of use out of this carrier.  If you want to order your own Freeloader, click here.  They come in three different colors and are sized to fit the wearer, so make sure you take your measurements before ordering.

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