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Welcome to our new home!  We've got grand plans for this little house of ours, but for now, this gallery pretty much only has "before" pictures.  I'll be sure to update these pics as we make our progress, slowly but surely.

Front Yard:
Here's the exterior of the house at our first viewing.

Exterior - Before

Not much has changed so far, except for a good power washing and some paint scraping, but progress is progress.  All the wood is going to be painted, and Dennis needs to build some rails for the front porch and stairs.  Hopefully some day I'll be able to plant a fruit tree and do some landscaping.  I'm terrible with plants, so we'll see how well that works out.

Exterior - Progress

Back Yard:
We have a tiny little postage stamp sized back yard.  I hope to clean things up back here, and add some fruit and vegetable plants along with putting in some sort of covered grilling area where the cement slab is.  All in good time.

Back Yard - Before

Garage Apartment:
As well as being a duplex, our new place also has a garage apartment.  I don't have any interior pictures of it yet.  It needs some work before we can rent it out, though.  Hopefully by the new year we'll have it ready for a tenant.

Garage Apartment - Before


Living Room/Entryway:
Our living room is nice and spacious and even has an entryway.  It also has a wood burning fireplace.  Too bad everything is painted beige.

Entryway - Before
Living Room - Before (I've already brought in paint supplies)
Living Room - Before

Mom came for a visit and helped me get rid of most of those beige walls.  I still have a few projects up my sleeve for this room and I need to work on the entryway, but every little bit counts!

Living Room - Progress
Living Room - Progress

Dining Room:
I'm so excited to actually have a dining room!  The place we're moving out of has a large living room that we have a table in, but we always end up eating on the couch in front of the TV.  I can't wait to put this room to good use!

Dining Room - Before
Dining Room - Before

The dining room is the second room I painted.  I had the color picked out long before we moved in.  We're planning on doing a tiki themed room and have a long way to go, but man, do I have plans for this room!

Dining Room - Progress

The Butler's Office:
We're pretty sure this room used to be a butler's pantry.  We talked about knocking down the wall between it and the kitchen for extra room, but have decided to wait to make any wall knocking decisions.  For now, we're planning on using it as our home office.  I've already bought paint for this room, but haven't gotten it on the walls yet.

Butler's Office - Before (sorry for the terrible angle; this room is tiny!)

The Kitchen:
This post sums up the state of the kitchen when we bought the place.  This room by far has the most work to be done to it, and we have to get almost all of it done in order to move in.

Kitchen - Before
Kitchen - Before
Kitchen - Before

Master Bedroom:
Here's the master bedroom.  It's much smaller than the master bedroom than the place we're moving from.  It does have an attached sunroom, but we're going to use that as the nursery at first, so I'll need to get creative to fit all our furniture into this new room.

Master Bedroom - Before
Master Bedroom - Before
Master Bedroom - Before

We've never really done anything to our current master bedroom.  No painting, no decorating, and hardly any new furniture.  I've always wanted a matching bedroom set, so I'm going to make that happen with this place.  This is the first room I painted, in order to motivate myself to make this a really nice room for us.

Master Bedroom - Progress
Master Bedroom - Progress
Master Bedroom - Progress

The Nursery:
The master bedroom has an attached sunroom that we've decided to use as a nursery.  It makes the space available to us for the master a little smaller, but it will be so much more convenient to have the baby close by.

Nursery - Before
Nursery - Before

The nursery is the second room I painted.  We decided on circus theme, so red and white stripes seemed appropriate.  But this was the paint project that nearly killed me and robbed me of all my motivation.  Well worth it in the end, as I absolutely love the stripes, but a little craze inducing nonetheless.

The Nursery - Progress
The Nursery - Progress

The Hallway:
We have a teeny-tiny hallway connecting the master bedroom, main bathroom, second bedroom, and dining room.  I hope to make this into a gallery hallway eventually.  My favorite thing about the hall is the built in phone nook.

Hallway - Before

Main Bathroom:
What can I say about this bathroom other than it needs to be gutted and redone.  It sort of functions; the toilet and sink work, but the tub doesn't drain well and the faucet seems to leak.  I prefer to pretend that this room doesn't exist right now.

Main Bathroom - Before

Guest Bedroom/Craft Room/Massage Room:
We're not exactly sure how we want to use this room.  We definitely need space for our craft supplies and it would be really nice to have a guest bedroom as well.  It wouldn't be difficult to have this as a guest room/craft room.  In the future, however, I plan to slowly move my massage business into the ground floor of this house and this room would naturally be the first therapy room.  And what's really funny is when we first viewed this property, there was already a portable massage table in here!  This room has a very strange layout.  A second full bath was carved out of this room and it is now L-shaped in order to accommodate the bathroom.  It'll be interesting to see how we're able to fit furniture in here.

Guest Room/Craft Room - Before
Guest Room/Craft Room - Before
Guest Room/Craft Room - Before

Second Bathroom:
This bathroom is better than the main bathroom, but I still want to completely redo it.  The materials and craftsmanship are somewhat lacking, and since this bathroom will eventually serve all my massage clients it need to be much much nicer.

Second Bathroom - Before

That concludes our tour!  Be sure to check back as we slowly but surely get things done and make this place ours!


  1. Jessica,
    All your blogging is so fun when I get a chance to look. I'm so happy for you, Dennis and Jack. You're building a wonderful life with your always bright, optimistic enthusiasm.
    With most genuine appreciation,
    Connie Guiberson


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