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Confessions 34

The United States of Becky

I confess:  I complain about my weight and how my body feels, but in truth, I haven't eaten healthy in a couple of months or exercised regularly, either.  I feel like I really shouldn't be complaining about the shape I'm in if I'm not actively doing anything about it.  Like, duh, of course you feel like crap, Jessica, you've been eating like crap and haven't been exercising - STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT IT AND DO SOMETHING

I confess:  I also complain about my ADD and how debilitating it is, but I'm not actively doing anything about that, either.  I have a planner, but don't always use it, and I know I need routine(s) to function, but hate the monotony of having routines, so I'm not doing that either.  Also, I haven't bothered to find a doctor that will give me meds - so, yea, Jessica, STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT IT AND DO SOMETHING

I confess:  I've got the blogging blahs (in case you haven't already noticed).  I joined and participated in a lot of Facebook like for like, share for share, comment for comment groups at the beginning of the year and my blog stats were decent but not great.  My stats kinda plateaued after that initial growth and that was discouraging, but I kept on.  But I was really not seeing any additional growth and it felt like I was just asking people to look at my blog instead of people visiting because they were genuinely interested (and it was exhausting to reciprocate all that liking/sharing/commenting).  I'm just feeling so discouraged because I'm just not getting any growth or engagement like I want to around here.  So I guess I need to STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT IT AND DO SOMETHING. But I"m just not sure where to start - it seems like even small blogs have much more readership than I do - what am I doing wrong?  (that wasn't a complaint - it was a genuine question - where am I going wrong?  I suspect my ADD has something to do with it.....)

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Weekend Snapshots 33

This edition of Weekend Snapshots is a little delayed - my phone ran out of storage and I had to collect my pics from my business phone and Den's phone before putting this together.  I'm a responsible adult, what can I say.  This post is brought to you by one of the best hair days I've ever had - ever (also notice Jack being a demon child in the back seat, lol)

Confessions 33

The United States of Becky

I confess:  Sometimes I don't like to write in my planner because I'm having a 'bad handwriting day'.  Which is actually every day, but some days are worse than others and I just can't stand looking at my writing.  Funny thing is I used to have really nice writing and could even do decent calligraphy.  I blame massage therapy for rewiring the muscles in my forearms rendering me unable to manage the precision necessary for good penmanship.  Yeah, that's it.

I confess:  I've been resisting using Snapchat because I really don't need another social media app to a) distract me and b) to learn and manage, but one of my BFFs has been teaching me how to use it.  I downloaded the app forever ago, but, damn, the configuration is confusing.  Also, I have NO CLUE what I should be snapping (is that the term?).  And I don't even know how to tell you to find/follow me on the app, so yeah, I'm giving Snapchat a try.  Don't expect much from me over there.  Or at least much that makes any sense.

I confess:  I love watching the Olympics and totally have the hots for Ryan Lochte.  Until I realized what a douche-nugget he actually is.  And now the fantasy is ruined.  Like, completely and utterly obviated.  Poof -gone.  And I'm a little disappointed, if not surprised, at this truth.  Then the whole "I got robbed at gunpoint" bullshit started and I just can't even with him.  Like, I look at him and wonder, what the hell was the attraction in the first place?  And then there's this gem - I obviously don't have the hots enough to know he had a short lived reality show?  And now I'm curious.....

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Weekend Snapshots 32

I'm finally caught up on all my Weekend Snapshots posts, ya'll!  This post is actually from the weekend that just happened!!  I could do a happy dance!  This edition of Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by my Grandma's swimming pool - Jack and I went to visit my Mom this weekend, and no visit in the summer is complete without using Grandma's pool, too!

Thursday:  The weekends we go visit my Mom always start on our drive up on Thursday.  We headed out a little later than I would've liked because some errands had to be taken care of, but Starbucks at the halfway mark is always waiting for us, no matter how late we get on the road.  I used to be able to just go through the drive-thru, but Jack loves watching the baristas!  We actually made it to Mom's in a decent amount of time and she had some fun new toys waiting for Jack:  some light sabers, some new tools (and safety goggles), and a super cool tent!  She always finds the best stuff.

Weekend Snapshots 31

Ya'll - I'm thisclose to catching up on Weekend Snapshots.  I feel great as I sit down to write this - no extra tabs open on my laptop and my house (while still messy) is in a much better state than it has been for the past month.  I've cleared up some headspace and WILL get back on track (I think I can...I think I can...I think I can...).

So this edition of Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by Dennis and Jack hanging a small wall shelf we're going to hack to hang up some of Jack's clothes on so he can start dressing himself every morning (he's getting so big, ya'll.) and happened the last weekend of July.

Saturday:  Dennis was off work Saturday and I got some requests for appointments from clients, so I thought it best to actually work and make some money.  I spent the first half of the day in my studio while Dennis and Jack finished up cleaning Jack's room (we started on Friday).  After I finished with my clients, a trip to Target was in order (what were we looking for again?)  We picked up the shelf I wanted to install to turn into a Montessori inspired dressing station for Jack, and I totally fell in love with that gold unicorn lamp {affiliate} - I seriously think I NEED to go back and get it.  The sky was really pretty when we got home, so I had to attempt to take a cloud picture - I really wish we didn't have so many lines going to our house - our backyard looks like Manhattan circa 1900.  Once we got home, Den and Jack installed the shelf - we still need to add a rod to put the hangers on, but at least the shelf is on the wall!

Sunday:  Dennis had a Dungeons and Dragons {affiliate} game scheduled so it was just me and Jack for the day.  I had heard about a theatre audition scheduled for Sunday, but wasn't sure if I should go or not - I don't have any current headshots (mine are 10 years old and when I had long red hair), I wasn't even sure where on the computer my resume was (plus Dennis intimated that he didn't really think I should be auditioning at this time), and I hadn't scheduled an audition time. But as the morning went on, I couldn't stop thinking about auditioning - so I bit the bullet and decided to get ready and take Jack with me if I had to.  I got us both dressed, called my MIL just on the off chance she could watch him and headed to the theatre.  On the way there, she called me back so I headed to her house to drop off Jack.  I managed to get to the theatre, snap a headshot selfie in the car (which I printed out on my new Polaroid ZIP printer {affiliate}) and actually audition.  It's the least prepared and most confident I've ever headed into an audition in my life.  And I guess it paid off BECAUSE I GOT A PART!!!  I'm so excited.  After the audition, I picked up Jack and did some organization at home.  Remember how our main bathroom had to be practically gutted back in APRIL?  Well, it's finally all put back together, so I dug all my toiletries out of boxes and put them back in the bathroom all neat and tidy.  Then I had to figure out what to do with what was leftover.  Jack decided he was a dinosaur while I was working and chased me around the house.

All in all, we had a really low key, relaxing weekend (so not the norm around here, lol), but we definitely needed the down time to declutter the house a little.  Plus I had the chance to audition and I'll be acting again soon!!!!  Make sure to check out all the other Weekend Snapshots linkups with me and Ariana at 3twentysix!!
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