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My Freeloader Experience

One of the things I really miss about Jack getting bigger is not being able to wear him in a wrap or carrier when out and about.  I really enjoyed the ease of navigating life without having to push a stroller around or worrying about a curious toddler wondering off.  I was super delighted when I found out about the Freeloader Child Carrier - it’s specially designed for bigger kids (25-80 pounds) and perfect for daily use and especially useful when on vacation or urban exploring.  I was lucky enough to receive a Freeloader to test out in exchange for an honest review on the product (this is a sponsored post, yo!) and let me tell you, this carrier is amazing!!!

In all honesty, Dennis has carried Jack around in the Freeloader much more than I have - we took a weekend trip to Nashville right after our Freeloader arrived and it was so much easier to walk around the city at our adult stride than it would’ve been at Jack’s shorter, slower stride.  Plus, Jack still wants to be carried all-the-time, and it’s much easier to just strap him to our backs than it is to carry him in our arms, both in terms of how tired it makes us and how much easier it is to have our hands free for, well, anything else.

The Freeloader’s construction is brilliant - it’s basically a high-tech backpack with a fold down seat for a kiddo on the back along with all kinds of safety and support straps.  It has a zippered compartment if you need to put something small and not bulky in it and it has fanny pack like pouches on either size for wallet or cell phone sized items, so there’s really no need to carry an additional bag along with the Freeloader.  The seat also folds up and out of the way, so if your kiddo wants to get down and walk, the seat isn’t sticking out, waiting to run into things/people.  The design is really well thought out.

Jack seemed to enjoy riding around on Den’s back, and he even pretended to carry Den around later, lol.  He didn’t want to get out and walk much (thankfully), but even when he did, the Freeloader isn’t very heavy on it’s own.  Jack liked directing Dennis where to go and kept saying, “Giddy up, Daddy!!!”  I also think he enjoyed seeing the sights from a higher vantage point and was in the perfect position to hold hands with my Mom.

Overall, we have had a great experience so far with our Freeloader.  It made our trip much easier and enjoyable.  The carrier is comfortable for both me and Dennis and for Jack to ride on.  THe construction is well thought out and very sturdy, and I like the company (and you know I like to support good companies).  Jack is pretty lightweight for his age, so I’m sure we’ll get years and years of use out of this carrier.  If you want to order your own Freeloader, click here.  They come in three different colors and are sized to fit the wearer, so make sure you take your measurements before ordering.

Freeloader Child Carrier - Sponsored

One of my favorite things in the world was carrying Jack around in a baby wrap when he was small enough.  Wearing Jack was so much easier than pushing him around in a stroller (which he hated anyway).  I was able to keep him snug and close to me while still having my hands free with the added bonus of not having to navigate places with a bulky stroller.  Which is why I am super stoked to find out about the Freeloader Child Carrier!  Jack still loves to be carried, but let's be honest here, he's getting big and it's difficult to carry him for very long not to mention the loss of one or both arms in order to carry him.  Enter the Freeloader!!!

The Freeloader the first child carrier specifically for toddlers and I can't wait to give it a try!  It's a compact and lightweight way to carry your kid that's a little too big for the usual carrier or wrap.  The backpack like unit has a seat that folds down and straps to go over your little's shoulders to keep them from falling.  The backpack design has padded shoulders and a waist belt to evenly distribute your kiddo's weight (i.e. you're not carrying them only on your shoulders - ouch!).

The Freeloader is perfect for travel, hiking, trips to the zoo or museum, or just about any place you and your toddler go.  There are also zippered compartments and pockets so you can carry your phone, keys, wallet, and any other essentials without the need for an additional bag.  The designers of the Freeloader have thought of everything!  If you want to learn more about the Freeloader, check them out on Facebook or go directly to their website!

P.S.  This is a sponsored post - I'm receiving a Freeloader for testing purposed, so check back soon for our take on using one!

Vintage Ocean Print Pin-Up Dress from SammyDress

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Ya'll, I am so obsessed with the clothing site, SammyDress.  Have you heard of it?  You've probably seen ads for them on Facebook (that's how I found them) and wondered if it's actually worth it to order clothes for that cheap online.  And let me tell you, IT IS!!!  I've placed a handful of orders (or rather, my Grandma has ordered stuff for me for Christmas) and everything I've gotten has been good quality and has fit.

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My latest purchase from SammyDress is this gorgeous Vintage Ocean Print Pin-Up Dress {affiliate}.  I wore this dress to my BIL's wedding this past weekend, and got so many compliments.  The wedding was down in Clear Lake on Galveston Bay and as soon as I saw this dress, I knew it would be perfect to wear to an oceanfront wedding.

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I've always loved vintage dresses, but finding them for an affordable price is damn near impossible and I'm a girl on a budget.  This beauty put me out a whopping $20 plus shipping.  The affordable price is what initially convinced me to order from SammyDress years ago - I figured if the item didn't fit, or was just a cheap piece of crap, I wouldn't be out that much money.  This is my first vintage style dress from SammyDress and I will definitely be ordering more vintage dresses.  The fabric is a cotton blend with a little bit of a stretch to it, so it was easy to move and dance in.  The one downside to the fabric is that it wrinkles really easily, so I'll have to iron the dress every time I wear it.

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Have you ever taken a chance on cheap clothes online?  How did it turn out for you?  Any recommendations for cheap clothes online?  Tell me about it in the comments!!!

Houston Auto Show - Sponsored

The Houston Auto Show is this weekend at NRG Center, and despite what you might think, car shows aren't just for gearheads.  I was lucky enough to go to last year's auto show and was invited back this year by She Buys Cars.  One thing I learned last year is that auto shows are a must see event for anyone who drives a car.  I even found my dream car there last year, and though a lucky turn of events, was actually able to buy my dream car last year.  So if you drive a car, ride in a car, are planning on buying a car, or have ever seen a car, head on over to the NRG Center and behold the offerings of this year's Houston Auto Show!  Get your tickets here!

April 5-9, 2017
Wednesday-Friday:   Noon - 9pm
Saturday:  10am - 9:30pm
Sunday:  10am - 7pm

So You Marched on Washington, Now What?

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Saturday.  Saturday was a beautiful day.  A beautiful day where millions of people all around the world came together to protest the presidency and to stand up for women's rights.  People on all 7 continents marched, peacefully, to say that we will not accept this administration.  We will not sit down while our rights are steamrolled.  We will fight back and we will not be quiet about the injustices in this country and world.  The Women's March on Washington and it's sister marches around the world represent the largest gatherings of people in protest the world has ever seen.  There is power in numbers, but only if we continue to speak up and to act.  The marches were amazing and beautiful and powerful and moving, but they were only one day.  We must carry this momentum forward and use our collective power to take action on the issues that matter to us.  We cannot go home, feeling all warm and fuzzy from the marches, and not act on this momentum.

I participated in the Women's March on Washington's sister march in Houston.  I've never protested before and, other than voting, I've never really taken any political action.  I feel like my silence and complacency is to blame for the current political situation we find ourselves in today.  These next four years are going to be difficult, but I'm not going to sit idly by.  I will not be a spectator to the stripping of basic human rights for so many.  I will not watch this country crash and burn without putting up a fight.  But I've never done this before, and I'm willing to bet that many, if not most, of the participants in the marches haven't taken much, if any, political actions in their lives.  So what can we do?  Where do we start?  In my quest for trying to figure this out, I've come across several helpful ideas for concrete action we can all take and I want to share them with you.

Pick Your Causes

You can't fight all of the battles no matter how much you want to.  All of the causes we're fighting for are important, but you need to pick the three, maybe four, that matter most to you.  Put your focus on those issues - learn everything you can about them, know all of the proposed legislation, policy changes, arguments for and against, counter arguments, and where  your elected officials stand, and then take action on those causes.  Volunteer for those causes.  Donate to those causes.  Argue for those causes.  Don't feel like you're abandoning the other, very valid causes, because someone else will be focusing just as much on them as you are on yours.  If we can all have laser focus on the issues we are most passionate about, the chances for affecting change increase.  When you spread yourself too thin, across all issues, then you're not able to focus and dedicate your energy and time in an efficient way.  And you can still stand behind, encourage, and support those fighting for other causes - petitions can still be signed, calls can still be made, information can still be shared - your laser focus doesn't mean you're turning your back on other causes - it means you're an expert on them.

10 Actions in 100 Days

Now that you've decided on what important issues you're going to focus on, go to the Women's March on Washington's 10 Actions in 100 Days page.  Here you will find 10 actions to take in the first 100 days in an easy to follow, step by step list.  The first one is to write to your Senators about what matters most to you and how you are going to continue fighting for those causes.  Commit to taking the other 9 actions and follow through on them!!!  Get together with some friends, once every 10 days, to work on these action items together.  Together we can make a difference!!!

Call Your Senators and Representatives

Pick up your cell phone, click here to find your Senators' contact into and click here to find your Representative's contact info.  Now add them to your contact list.  Right now.  Call them every day.  Every.  Day.  The calls take literally two minutes or less.  Check out The Shy Person's Guide to Calling Representatives for some great tips on how to dive in and get this done.  Not sure what to say?  Scripts can be found here.  Easy, cheesey.

Sign Up for an Action List

Wall Of Us Emails you 4 simple acts of resistance every week
Action Friday Provides simple actions to take every Friday
Jennifer Hoffman's Weekly Action Checklist Don't be intimidated by the size of this list!!!
The 65 Weekly action item as well as scripts for many issues

I know there are other action lists out there.  Find one you like.  Sign up for the emails.  Follow the instructions.

These are the things I'm doing to become more politically active and to make sure my voice is heard - even if it feels like my words are sometimes falling on deaf ears.  But I'm going to keep on talking and keep on taking action.  It seems so intimidating at the beginning - and I'm only at the beginning, too, but the more you practice something, the easier it gets.  So I urge you to start practicing.  Make political action something second nature to you.  Our futures depend on our collective actions.  We cannot afford to sit back and watch.  We MUST take action.  So go out there and use our momentum - don't slow down.  What are your waiting for?  Go.
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