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Sunday Confessions 43 - Yup, on a Monday

I confess:
  I had such a busy weekend that I just want to sit on the couch, power watch TV, and nap all day long.  Unfortunately, that's not in the cards for me today.

I confess:  I hate pooping in public bathrooms.  My dislike of pooping in public doesn't stop me from doing it, I just prefer the privacy of my own home.  Even though I know EVERYONE POOPS!!!

I confess:  Now that I'm all caught up on The Walking Dead and I have to wait a week between episodes like everyone else, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself.  Also, I'm 100% heartbroken over the premier of Season 7.  It's had me down and depressed all day.

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5 Reasons You Should Go to a Blog Conference

It's that time of year again.  Blog Elevated is happening this weekend here in Houston, and I'm super lucky to be attending (for the 4th year in a row, yo!).  I've attended the Blog Elevated conference since it's inaugural year and I hope I never have to miss this amazing conference.  I learn so much every year and make some really amazing connections with bloggers and brands, not to mention all the fun I have.  If you've never attended a blog conference before, you need to stop what you're doing and go find one to register for right now!!!  There's still time to register for Blog Elevated if you're anywhere near the Houston area.  If you're still not sure you should go to a blog conference (you totally should), here are 5 reasons you should go to a blog conference - you can thank me later!

5 Reasons You Should Go to a Blog Conference

1.  You're going to learn some amazing things.  Spending a weekend at a blog conference is like the most amazing crash course in all things blogging and social media.  You're going to come away with new skills and strategies that would've taken you a whole lot longer than just a weekend to learn.  New Pinterest strategies?  Check.  Streamlining your workflow?  Check.  Instagram growth?  Check.  Monetization, SEO, and Email?  Check, check, and check.

2.  You're going to meet some amazing people.  I make new blogger friends every time I attend a conference.  You're not going to get that from sitting in front of your computer in your pajamas attending a webinar.  And you're not just going to meet some amazing people, you're going to meet some amazing bloggers - people who truly understand what it's like to write and manage a blog (usually while juggling other commitments).  You're going to find your tribe at a blog conference.

3.  You're going to take your blog more seriously.  The first time I attended Blog Elevated, I was a complete noob blogger.  Sure, I'd been blogging for a little while, but if you look back at my blog then versus my blog today, well, I had a lot of room for growth.  After attending Blog Elevated (and making the financial investment in a ticket), I really started taking my blog more seriously.  And if you make a financial investment in your blog, no matter where you are with your blog, you're going to take things more seriously.  And that's where the real growth and return start to happen.

4.  You're going to connect with brands.  Most of us start blogging as a fun way to express ourselves, but I don't know a single blogger that doesn't want to turn their blogging presence to a financial return in some way or another.  More and more brands are realizing the benefits of working with bloggers and brands that want to work with bloggers usually have a presence at blog conferences.  What better way to establish a relationship with a brand than actually getting to meet their PR rep in person?  I can't think of a single better way.

5.  You're going to have a ton of fun!!  Attending Blog Elevated is one of my most fun weekends of the year.  I really enjoy socializing with other like minded bloggers and make the most of all the mixers and parties that happen during a conference.  I'm especially looking forward to Blogger Speed Dating at this year's conference.  As much as I like being social, I can be pretty shy and introverted and speed dating sounds like a great way to meet some new bloggers.  Blog Elevated is one of the only times during the year where I get to get dressed up, do my hair and makeup, and get to be around other adults.

Going to a blog conference is something every blogger should do at least once.  You'll come away with more knowledge than you could get anywhere else, you'll make lasting connections with other bloggers and brands, and you'll have so much fun you won't know what to do with yourself.  If you're nervous about attending a conference, check out this post I wrote about How to Survive a Blog Conference When You're Socially Awkward, Shy, Introverted, Have Social Anxiety, or Are Otherwise Socially Compromised for some really useful tips!

Have you ever been to a blog conference?  Did this list convince you to sign up for one today?  Did I leave anything off my list?  What are some of the reasons you attended a conference?  Let me know in the comments!!!

If you can't attend a conference in the near future, check out Blog Elevated's amazing newsletter, their Facebook groups, and look for their Twitter chats on Tuesday nights at 9pm central time - just look for the hashtag #BlogElevated

Weekend Snapshots 42

Welcome to Weekend Snapshots 42, brought to you by Jack's curly hair - the dirtier he gets out at Faire, the curlier his hair gets, and as you can see, we had a very fun (and dirty) weekend.  Keep on reading to hear more about our weekend adventures and make sure to link up with me and Ariana at 3twentysix!

Saturday:  Jack and I stayed in town Saturday day because I decided to take a client (mo money, no problems).  He went to Mimi's house and I worked.  I was undecided on whether or not to drive out to the renaissance festival that evening since we'd only be staying for part of the day on Sunday.  But then I realized that all the things I though I'd be taking care of around the house probably wouldn't have actually gotten done and that we won't have the chance to be out there for a few more weekends.  I threw my adult responsibilities out the window and decided to go to faire.  We stopped for snacks on the way (and our signature car selfie, this time with a donut for Jack and a burrito for me - so healthy, I know).  We got out there just in time for Dennis, Jack, and our friend, Michelle, to have a fun game of chase and throw the toddler.  Soon, it was time for fireworks and for the day to wind down.  I took some cool video of the fireworks in slo-mo (love that feature on my phone!).

Sunday Confessions 42 - The Walking Dead Edition

I confess:  I'm almost caught up on Season Six of The Walking Dead {affiliate} and I think I'm going to need stronger blood pressure medicine - I know how the season ends, who is on the chopping block to get killed by Negan, and that we don't find out till the start of Season Seven who dies, but every time a character says the name Negan I want to yell at the TV, "NO!!!  STAY AWAY FROM HIM!!  JUST STOP!!!!"

I confess:  I'm not sure which character I can stand to lose.  I know Glenn dies in the comic book {affiliate} AND I CANNOT LOSE GLENN OR MAGGIE!!!  I don't *think* they would kill Rick or Daryl (I mean, come on, is there really a show without those two???) - I think the only one I could part with would be Rosita (and that's probably why she's not the one)

I confess:  I'm really worried they're going to kill off TWO characters in the season premier - Glenn, like in the comics, and another main character, maybe Daryl, because he has a new show and has been doing more movies.  I am not prepared emotionally to see the premier of Season Seven.

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Our Steampunk Wedding

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October 13, 2010.  The weather was perfect - a nice sunny day in the low 70's with a soft breeze and scattered clouds.  Dennis and I had been planning this day for 18 months; it was finally here and things couldn't've been more perfect.  Our best friends and family had come together to help us put the finishing touches on our vision and it was time for our Steampunk Wedding.

I started this blog after Den and I tied the knot and I've never written about our wedding.  Today is our sixth anniversary and now seems like a great time to write a recap of the day.  We got married under a beautiful oak tree in Kempner Park in Galveston, TX and had our reception in the Garten Verein - a Victorian era garden club for the perfect Steampunk setting.  It was a Wednesday (or rather WED-day as I had been calling it), and before the ceremony, we hosted a Victorian picnic in the park for anyone that wanted to miss traffic and drive down to the Island early.  Costumes were encouraged, but not required, and we were very pleasantly surprised when about 90% of our guests put together their own steampunk outfits!  The picnic also gave me the perfect excuse to have two different dresses for the day.
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