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What I Learned from Whole30

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It's been a few weeks since I finished up my Whole30 diet.  I made it the entire 30 days without sugar, without dairy, without beans, without grains, and I didn't die.  I enjoyed the diet for the most part, as difficult as it could sometimes be, but I'm not sure it was quite the life changing experience I expected.  What did I learn from 30 days of clean eating?  Plenty.  Would I do it again?  Absolutely (and I probably will).

Whole30 Diet

The Whole30 Diet seems to be the newest diet craze in the world of the internet.  Whenever I would mention that I was on a restrictive diet called Whole30 to a "normal" non-bloggy person they were completely stumped as to what that meant and I was constantly explaining the diet to them, whereas it seems like everyone in the blogosphere has either heard of it or tried it (or is planning to try it).  I found that difference very interesting, so if you're planning a Whole30, expect regular people to not know what you're talking about.  For those who may not know what the Whole30 diet entails, I'll give you a quick outline of how it works.  The idea is to eliminate all inflammatory foods from your diet for 30 days to give your digestive system and tastebuds enough time to come back to neutral, or reset.  You can't have any sugars or sweeteners of any kind, no grains, no legumes, and no dairy.  You can have as much meat, vegetables, fruits, and (surprisingly) potatoes as you'd like - read more about the ins and outs of Whole30 here.  It sounds incredibly limiting and intimidating, but it's really not all that bad.

Thinking of doing your first Whole30?  Check out my Tips for Surviving Your First Whole30 here!

Weekend Snapshots 25

It's Weekend Snapshots time already - man, time is just flying by over here (I guess it's because I keep myself so busy).  This edition of the Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by the many silly faces that Jack makes when I tell him to smile.  That kid is such a ham.  Make sure to share your weekend recaps with me and Ariana at 3twentysix so we can all share the internet love, and get in a healthy dose of webstalking.  Now, on to the recap:

Saturday:  My MIL asked me to bring her down to Wharton, TX (her hometown) to help celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of one of her good friends.  You might remember Wharton as the little town with the Tee Pee Motel where we all got sick back in April.  Well, this visit was so much better.  It was a little strange to be at a party where you really don't know anyone, but Jack and I made the best of it by mostly staying out of the way and taking some fun selfies against the photo backdrop that was set up.  I have to say, this was a totally Pinterest worthy party - all the decorations were in gold and the tablescapes were just lovely.  I'm not sharing a ton of those pictures because there are personal family photos in them and I'm not sure if they would appreciate me splashing them all over the internet.  The bride's wedding dress was set up on display and OMG, it was to die for!!!  After the celebration, we all decided to check out the Wharton County Museum since we missed it the last time.  Did you know that Dan Rather is from Wharton, TX?  Neither did I!!  The museum grounds had his original home moved to the grounds and preserved it for posterity.  It was too late to go into the cute little shotgun house, but we did walk around it (and Jack pretended to hide on the front porch before putting on a show for us).  On the way back to Houston, we could see a huge rain cloud up ahead - we were in sunny skies, but you could see the dark rain clouds on the horizon - it was so beautiful I had to stop and take a few pictures.  Once we were back in Houston, we picked up some dinner and invited Dennis to join us when he got off work.  We had a gorgeous post rain sunset and Jack wanted to take a closer look, so Dennis held him up over the fence to see.

Sunday Confessions 25

The United States of Becky

I confess:  It's way too hot in Houston - the heat index has been over 100 all week, and all I can manage to do is daydream about moving to the Pacific Northwest.  The man Dennis learned to blacksmith from lives in Oregon and I have this entire daydream about Dennis quitting his job to work with Master Flash and us moving to Oregon.  It's unrealistic in so many ways, but fun to think about.

I confess:  It's not just the heat making me feel this way.  I've been feeling really overwhelmed by life in general lately, so it's much easier to daydream about being somewhere new with new possibilities, but the reality is that no matter where we live, the same types of regular real life things are always going to overwhelm me sometimes.  But it's so much fun to think about those Oregon forests!

I confess:  Hot, hot, hot, heat, hot, sweltering, melting, hot, hot, hot.  Too freaking hot.  And it's only June.  Hot.

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14 Day Yoga Challenge with Grokker

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Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved to go to yoga class.  She went with her best friend to a swanky private yoga center several times a week and was at peace with the world (more or less).  Then life happened - she got married, bought a house, and had a baby.  Long gone were the evenings of hot yoga class - she had neither the time, nor the money, nor the energy for yoga class at a swanky private studio and she missed it (when she was awake enough to miss things).  A solution must be found, she thought!!!  And there was a solution - a GLORIOUS SOLUTION!!!  Yoga and fitness videos ON DEMAND right in the comfort of her own living room!!!  What's that, you exclaim?  High quality, professional yoga and fitness videos on demand?!?  A virtual personal yoga instructor at your beck and call?!?  Is this too good to be true?  Well, friends, I'm here to tell you that it's not too good to be true and is in fact available for all through Grokker {affiliate}!!!

Digital Detox Report: Weeks 1 & 2

I'm two weeks into my Digital Detox and I feel like I'm finally settling into my new, digitally reduced reality.  I know I said I'd be checking in here weekly with an accountability report, but with Mom visiting for a week (we were so busy!!!), I just didn't get the chance to report on week one - so you get a double dose of of my Digital Detox Report today!

Digital Detox

My Digital Detox is an attempt to reduce the constant distractions I face from the digital world.  Social media, and specifically FB (plus a healthy dose of FOMO) leaves me so distracted that I can barely get anything done.  Of course, as a blogger, I'm not able to unplug completely, but for the entire month of June my plan has been to eliminate all social media scrolling, distracting TV, and to put down my phone in an attempt to regain some focus, reduce my anxiety, and be more productive.
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